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8 Inch SCH 80 Carbon Steel Pipe Order From Uruguay

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A regular customer from Uruguay ordered carbon steel pipes from our company.Outer diameter 8 inches (219.1mm) and wall thickness SCH 80 (12.7mm) . The production standard ASME B36.10M, the material standard ASTM A53 GR B. Carbon steel pipes are one of our main products. Due to the successful cooperation of previous orders, this customer has great trust in us, and this large-scale purchase of steel pipes also chose our company for cooperation. After communicating with the customer to determine some production and packaging details, we successfully obtained this order.

ASTM A53 GR B Carbon Steel Pipe

ASTM A53 GR B steel pipe is made from carbon steel material processed by processes such as hot rolling and cold drawing. It’s chemical composition and mechanical properties comply with the American standard ASTM A53/A53M, and it has excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

ASTM A53 GR B steel pipe have high strength, good toughness, and good processing and welding properties, making them widely used in transportation fields such as oil, natural gas, water, steam, as well as industrial applications, water supply and heating systems.

In addition, according to different application requirements, ASTM A53 GR B steel pipe can also be treated with galvanizing, inner lining, outer coating, etc. to improve their corrosion resistance and service life.

Please note that when selecting and using ASTM A53 GR B steel pipes, it should be ensured that they comply with relevant standards and specifications, and selection and installation should be based on specific application scenarios and requirements. At the same time, in order to ensure its long-term stable operation, regular maintenance and inspections are also necessary. Overall, ASTM A53 GR B seamless steel pipe is a high-performance and widely used pipeline material, which is of great significance for the construction and operation of fluid transportation systems.

Chemical Composition

Mechanical Properties

Packaging Of 8 Inch SCH 80 Carbon steel Pipe

As shown in the illustration, the customer requests that this batch of 8 inch SCH 80 carbon steel pipe be wrapped with a layer of rainproof cloth for each steel pipe, and it is not allowed to bundle multiple steel pipes for packaging. Only a single packaging method can be used.

Inspection Of 8 Inch SCH 80 Carbon steel Pipe

8 inch SCH 80 carbon steel pipe, corresponding to millimeter size: outer diameter 219.1mm, wall thickness 12.7mm. According to the American standard ASME B36.10M steel pipe production standard, the outer diameter tolerance range is+2.4MM, -1.6MM (221.5mm-217.5mm); Wall thickness tolerance range±12.5% (14.28mm -11.11mm).

ASTM A53 GR B Carbon Steel Pipe Dimension&Weight Chart

8 Inch SCH80 Carbon Steel Pipe Dimension

8 Inch SCH80 Carbon Steel Pipe Weight Chart

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