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ASTM A182&A105N Forged Pipe Fittings Order From Uruguay

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In July this year, we received an order from a new customer in Uruguay for ASTM A182&A105N forged pipe fittings.The customer had sent us an inquiry for this order as early as May, but the product information in the inquiry was incomplete. Our sales and technical departments communicated several times and confirmed with the customer in detail, finally responding with a more complete quotation to the customer. The customer also expressed their recognition of our professional level.

In the follow-up communication, the customer also proposed that ASTM A182 forged pipe fittings and A105N forged pipe fittings require third-party quality inspection and sample testing for chemical composition, mechanical properties, and many other requirements. After we implemented these requirements for the customer, we finally received the order from the customer in July.The product sizes in this batch of forged pipe fittings are relatively small, and the quantity is large, the variety is mixed, and the production cycle is relatively long. Our document personnel have been following up and providing feedback on the production progress of the order for the customer, and have arranged for third-party inspection and laboratory testing in advance to ensure the order is completed on time and arrange for shipping for the customer.The customer expressed great satisfaction with our company's professional service and looked forward to the next cooperation.

Purchase Order List

This order includes a variety of different types of forged pipe fittings, including ASTM A182 F304L/321H forged pipe fittings;ASTM A182 F5/F9 forged pipe fittings;ASTM A105N forged pipe fittings, with a total quantity of more than 4,000. Here, only a partial list of products is shown.

Characteristics of ASTM A182 Forged Pipe Fittings Material

Chemical Composition

Mechanical Properties

Types of ASTM A105 Forged Pipe Fittings

ASTM A105 forged pipe fittings are mainly divided into two types: socket fittings and threaded fittings.These fittings are suitable for use in high-pressure pipeline systems, and can be used to link pipes and change the direction of the pipeline.

Socket fittings include: socket elbow, socket tee, socket cross, socket coupling, socket cap, socket half coupling, socket 45degree tee.Threaded fittings include: threaded 45degree elbow, threaded 90degree elbow, threaded tee, threaded cross, male and female threaded 90degree elbow, threaded coupling, threaded half coupling, threaded cap, plug, bushing, etc.

Dimension Inspection

Our quality inspection department will conduct strict inspections before each batch of pipe fittings leave the factory, measuring the outer diameter, wall thickness, length, etc. of the pipe fittings according to standards to ensure that each batch of pipe fittings leaving the factory are qualified products.This batch of ASTM A182 and A105N forged pipe fittings will be arranged by us to be transported by vehicles to the Shanghai Port, and then loaded into containers at the port for sea transportation to the customer's designated destination port.

Shanghai Zhucheng Pipe Fitting Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and processing of pipelines and pipeline fittings for many years. The products mainly include seamless pipes, welded pipes, butt welding pipe fittings, high pressure forged pipe fittings and flanges.The materials involved include carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and other materials.It can be produced according to national standard GB/T, American standard ASME, Japanese standard JIS, chemical industry department HG/T, petroleum SY/T, German standard DIN, European standard CE and other standards. Non-standard parts can be processed according to drawings to meet the needs of different customers.Shanghai Zhicheng wholeheartedly provides customers with quality services.

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