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ASTM A105 Threaded Fittings

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ASTM A105 threaded fittings are forged fittings made of carbon steel material, generally produced according to the American standard ASME B16.11 or the British standard BS3799 production standard. Carbon steel threaded fittings include various types such as threaded elbows, tees, cross, couplings, nipples, pipe plugs, bushings, caps, and unions etc. ASTM A105 carbon steel pipe fittings are widely used in various pipeline systems due to their superior performance and low cost.

Characteristics Of ASTM A105 Material  

ASTM A105 material belongs to low alloy carbon steel material, which needs to be forged at high temperatures between 1700 ℉ and 2200 ℉. The metal billet is subjected to pressure through forging machinery to make its structure more compact, improve the plasticity and mechanical properties of the metal, and then further improve the mechanical properties of the material through quenching and tempering. The chemical composition of ASTM A105 material contains manganese and silicon, which can improve the strength and toughness of the material.

Chemical Composition

Mechanical Properties

ASTM A105 forged threaded fittings have been widely used in pipeline systems due to their high strength, excellent sealing performance, and compliance with industry standards. They can meet the pipeline connection requirements in various high-pressure and high-temperature environments, providing important guarantees for the safe and stable operation of pipeline systems.

Types Of ASTM A105 Threaded Fittings

ASTM A105 forged threaded fittings refer to pipe fittings that are connected to pipes in a threaded form, including various types to meet the connection requirements of different pipe systems. The following are some common types of ASTM A105 forged threaded fittings:

Threaded elbows:Used to change the flow direction of fluid or connect pipes in different directions, it can be divided into 90 degree and 45 degree threaded elbows according to the bending angle.

Threaded tees:The T-shaped pipe is a common threaded fitting and an important accessory in pipeline systems. Used at the intersection of three pipelines to achieve fluid diversion or convergence, it can be divided into equal diameter and reduced diameter threaded tees according to port size.

Threaded cross:Mainly used to change the direction of fluids, used at branch pipes in main pipelines, capable of handling more complex pipeline layouts. According to the different outlet diameters, threaded four-way fittings can be divided into two types: threaded equal diameter four-way fittings and threaded reduced diameter four-way fittings.

Threaed coupling:A commonly used accessory in industrial pipeline connections, used to fix and connect pipelines, ensure the stability and sealing of pipelines, and prevent fluid leakage. According to the type of coupling, it is divided into full coupling and half coupling.

The types of threaded pipe fittings can be subdivided into more than ten types, covering various forms such as flat connections and curved connections. In addition to the several pipe fittings detailed above, they also include threaded pipe caps, threaded unions, threaded pipe nipples, swage nipples, hexagonal nipples, threaded plugs, threaded bushings, etc.

ASTM A105 threaded fittings have high strength, excellent sealing performance, and high pressure resistance. They are widely used in pipeline systems in industries such as petroleum, chemical, power, and natural gas, ensuring the safe and stable transmission of fluids in high-pressure environments. 

Meanwhile, due to their good interchangeability and versatility, these fittings also facilitate the installation, maintenance, and renovation of pipeline systems.

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