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Valves Order from Nigerian Customers

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Cooperation Process

We received an inquiry about the valves and flange which is from our Nigeria client on January. The valve is not our main products, but our client asked us to help him with the purchase in China. In this case, we asked for  the photo and drawing of valves from our commercial partners, and confirmed with our client. After they approved it, we gived the price to them. One month later, our client replyed me and clarifyed their urgent requirement about the delivery time, and asked if we can arrange production as soon as possible. We try our best to meet the requirements of all customers, we proceed this order soon. After three days, we received the payment. And five days later, the valve and flange are finished and sent to Nigeria by Fedex express.

Order List

NO Description of  Goods Quantity          (EA)
1 Butterfly valve 150 PSI Lug type 3 inch 1
2 Ball valve flanged 1 inch 150PSI 1

Product Inspection


Packaging Photos


Ball Valve Flanged

The ball of a ball valve is floating, and under the action of medium pressure, the ball can produce a certain displacement and tightly press on the sealing surface at the outlet end, ensuring the sealing at the outlet end. The floating ball valve has a simple structure and good sealing performance, but the ball bears the load of the working medium and all of it is transferred to the outlet sealing ring. Therefore, it is necessary to consider whether the sealing ring material can withstand the working load of the ball medium. When subjected to a high pressure impact, the ball may deflect. This structure is generally used for medium and low pressure ball valves.

Butterfly Valve

The butterfly plate of the wafer type butterfly valve is installed in the diameter direction of the pipeline. In the cylindrical channel of the butterfly valve body, the disc shaped butterfly plate rotates around the axis with a rotation angle between 0 ° and 90 °, which can play a role in flow regulation. When the butterfly plate rotates to 90 °, the valve reaches its maximum opening. The wafer type butterfly valve has a simple structure, small size, and light weight, and consists of only a few parts. Moreover, it only needs to rotate 90 ° to quickly open and close, and the operation is simple. At the same time, the valve has good fluid control characteristics.

Installation Requirements of Valve

  1. Before the valve is installed, the model and specification of the used valve should be checked carefully to match the design.

  2. Check whether the valve can be used under the required conditions according to the type of valve and the manufacturer's instructions.

  3. When lifting the valve, the rope should be tied to the flange connection between the valve body and the valve cover, and not tied to the handwheel or valve stem, so as not to damage the valve stem and handwheel;

  4. When installing the valve in the horizontal pipeline, the valve stem should be vertical upward, and downward installation of the valve stem is not allowed.

  5. When installing the valve, the forced counterpart connection by pulling and pulling must not be adopted so as to avoid damage due to uneven stress.

  6. Open-stem gate valve should not be installed in underground wet place to avoid corrosion of valve stem.

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