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ASME B16.5 Stainless Steel Flange Sealing Face

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The ASME B16.5 stainless steel flange sealing face are used to seal for the flange connection. By using gaskets, bolts, and other accessories, the two flange faces are tightly connected together to ensure the sealing of the pipeline after connection, prevent medium leakage, and ensure the safe and reliable transportation of the medium inside the pipeline.

1.How many types of flange sealing face?

There are seven types of flange sealing face:Flat Face(FF)、Raised Face(RF)、Ring Joint FACE(RTJ)、Male Face(M)、Female Face(FM)、Tongue Face(T)、Groove Face(G)。The types of Flat Face(FF)、Raised Face(RF)、Ring Joint FACE(RTJ)are common.

2.Flat Face(FF):This type of sealing face is most common in full plane flanges, with smooth flange faces, simple structural design, and convenient processing. The contact area between the sealing face and the gasket is large, requiring a large compressive force, and is usually used for high-pressure or high-temperature pipeline connections. The disadvantage is that the gasket should not be placed during installation, and after pre tightening, the gasket is easy to extend or move towards both sides.

3.Raised Face(RF):Raised face sealing faces are widely used in gaskets for raised face flanges, typically using various non-metallic flat gaskets, wrapped gaskets, metal wrapped gaskets, and spiral wound gaskets (including outer or inner rings). The raised face (RF) sealing face is a smooth face that protrudes, and can also be machined with dense lines. This design allows the sealing face to better fit the pipeline and flange under pressure operation, thereby creating a real-time sealing effect. The disadvantage is that the contact area of this sealing face gasket is large, and it is easy for the gasket to squeeze on both sides during pre tightening, making it difficult to compress.

4.Ring Joint FACE(RTJ):RTJ sealing face is a high-precision all metal sealing face designed for high pressure and temperature, capable of adapting to extreme working environments. There are various materials to choose from for RTJ seals, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, etc. These materials have excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. There are two cross-sectional shapes of RTJ seals, elliptical and octagonal, suitable for different tightening torques and face loads. The RTJ sealing mask has good sealing performance and can effectively prevent medium leakage. The RTJ sealing face is easy to install and disassemble, and is suitable for frequent pipeline connection and disassembly operations. The disadvantage is that this sealing face processing process is relatively cumbersome, and the cost is more expensive than FF and RF sealing face flanges.

5.The Common of stainless steel materials

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