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EN 1092-1 PN16 Flange

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The EN 1092-1 Standard for a single series of flanges specifies requirements for circular steel flanges in PN designations PN 2,5 to PN 400 and nominal sizes from DN 10 to DN 4000.

This European Standard specifies the flange typesand their facings, dimensions, tolerances, threading, bolt sizes, flange jointing face surface finish, marking, materials, pressure/ temperature ratings and approximate flange masses.

EN 1092-1 Flange Types

1 EN 1092-1 TYPE 01
Plate Flange for Welding
2 EN 1092-1 TYPE 02 Loose Plate Flange with Weld-On Plate Collar
3 EN 1092-1 TYPE 02 Loose Plate Flange with Weld Ring Neck
4 EN 1092-1 TYPE 02 Loose Plate Flange with Pressed Collar with Long Neck
5 EN 1092-1 TYPE 02 Loose Plate Flange with Pressed Collar
6 EN 1092-1 TYPE 04 Loose Plate Flange with Weld-Neck Collar
7 EN 1092-1 TYPE 05 Blind Flange
8 EN 1092-1 TYPE 11 Weld-Neck Flange
9 EN 1092-1 TYPE 12 Hubbed Slip-On Flange for Welding
10 EN 1092-1 TYPE 13 Hubbed Threaded Flange
11 EN 1092-1 TYPE 21 Integral Flange
12 EN 1092-1 TYPE 32 Weld-On Collar Plate
13 EN 1092-1 TYPE 33 Lapped Pipe End
14 EN 1092-1 TYPE 34 Weld-Neck Collar
15 EN 1092-1 TYPE 35 Weld Ring Neck
16 EN 1092-1 TYPE 36 Pressed Collar with Long Neck
17 EN 1092-1 TYPE 37 Pressed Collar

Flange Facing Types


Characteristics of European Standard Flanges

  1. High impact resistance: Because the unique impact strength function has been significantly improved compared with other solid wall pipes, its ring stiffness is 1.3 times of that of the solid wall.

  2. Long service life: Under rated service environment temperature and pressure, the pipe can be used for more than 50 years, and has the properties of UV and radiation protection.

  3. Good corrosion resistance: Except a few hydrides, it can resist the corrosion of various chemical media. The flange has excellent acid, alkali and corrosion resistance, no rust, no corrosion and no electrochemical corrosion.

  4. Good thermal insulation: because of the low thermal conductivity of the material, the thermal conductivity of 20 degrees Celsius is 0.21-0.24W/mk

It is generally made of cast steel, carbon steel, forged steel and stainless steel. Mainly suitable for water, steam, gas, gas and corrosive liquid etc.

Materials of EN 1092-1 Flange

The material groups contain materials of similar chemical/mechanical properties and corrosion resistance in order to facilitate an equivalent application of materials in a group depending on pressure, temperature and fluid.

  • 1E0      unalloyed structural steels without guaranteed elevated temperature properties,application range- 10℃to+100℃;

  • 1E1      unalloyed structural steels with elevated temperature properties;

  • 3E0      unalloyed steels with guaranteed elevated temperature properties;

  • 3E1      unalloyed steels with specified properties up to 400℃,upper yield strength>265N/mm²;

  • 4E0      low alloyed steels with 0,3 % molybdenum;

  • 5E0      low alloyed steels with 1% chromium and 0,5 % molybdenum;

  • 6E0      low alloyed steels with 2 % chromium and1% molybdenum;

  • 6E1      alloy steel with 5 % chromium and 0,5 % molybdenum.

  • 7E0      low-temperature-tough fine-grain steel with minimum yield strength of 275 N/mm² at room temperature;

  • 7E1      low-temperature-tough fine-grain steel with minimum yield strength of 355 N/mm² at room temperature;

  • 7E2      low-temperature nickelalloyed  steel  (Nickel≤3%);

  • 7E3      low temperature nickel alloyed steel (Nickel>3%).

  • 8E0      yield strength 225 N/mm² min at room temperature;

  • 8E2      yield strength 285 N/mm² min at room temperature;

  • 8E3      yieldstrength 355 N/mm²min at room temperature.

  • 9E0      high-temperature-tough  ferritic  steel with  12 % chromium,1% molybdenum and 0,5% vanadium

  • 9E1      high-temperature-tough  ferritic  steel  with  9%  chromium,1%  molybdenum  and  0,25% vanadium and 0,1 % niobium.

  • 10E0    LC-steel;

  • 10E1    LC-steel, nitrogen-alloyed;

  • 11E0    standard carbon-content;

  • 12E0    standard carbon-content,stabilized with Ti resp.Nb;

  • 13E0    LC-steel with molybdenum;

Dimensions of PN 16 Flanges




Masses of PN 16 flanges


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