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BW 90 Degree Elbow LR

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90 Degree Elbow is the most common elbow in pipe installation and is a pipe fitting that changes the direction of the pipe in the pipe system. Butt welding elbows are welded by two steel plates. Generally, large-bore elbows are butt welding processes. Therefore, in industrial use, most elbows with diameters above 600 are basically butt welding elbows. According to the bending radius, butt weld 90 degree elbow can be divided into long radius (LR) elbow and short radius (SR) elbow. Other commonly used elbows in fluid pipeline engineering construction are 45 degree elbow and 180 degree elbow. BW 90 Degree Elbow is usually produced according to ASME B16.9. It can be made of carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel.


What is Butt Weld ?

Butt welding is a commonly used welding method, which involves welding two pipe ends or pipe ends face to face with a pipe fitting. It requires welding around its diameter while maintaining pressure to avoid surface displacement.

Advantages of Butt Weld:

  • High strength and stress resistance, suitable for high working pressure.

  • Suitable for small diameters with large diameter and high wall thickness.

  • Suitable for different materials

Disadvantages of Butt Weld:

  • It requires a higher level of welding skills.

  • It requires beveling the ends to achieve the correct welding penetration.

Difference between Long Radius and Short Radius

  1. The curvature radius of elbows with different long radii is 1.5D of the pipe and the short radius is 1D. D is the diameter of elbow we call it. In our practical application, most of them are 1.5D elbows. Generally, 1D elbows are only used in places with less installation environment.

  2. Long radius elbow and short radius elbow are well distinguished in shape. Long radius elbow is obviously longer than short radius elbow. This method can be used to verify whether it is stainless steel elbow or carbon steel elbow.

  3.  From the point of view of service performance, the wear degree of long radius elbow is smaller than that of short radius, the force of scouring is also reduced a lot, and the resistance is also small, which is obviously better than that of short radius elbow.

Production Process of Steel Butt Welding Elbow


Materials for Butt Weld Elbows


How to Buy Elbows ?

  1. Check the surface of butt weld elbow, whether the manufacturing process is exquisite or not, there will be no frictional defects and so on. The cross-section shape of the butt-weld elbow is not uniform due to the fake or inferior quality, and the strength of this steel decreases considerably, which also does not conform to the standard of the shape and size of the butt-weld elbow. The components of high-quality steel are uniform, the tonnage of the cold shearing machine is high, the end face of the cutting head is smooth and neat, while the fake and inferior materials are uneven due to poor material quality and have no metallic gloss.

  2. Appearance inspection of welded elbow joint is a simple and widely used inspection method and an important part of finished product inspection, which mainly finds defects on the surface of weld and deviates from the dimension. Inspection is usually performed with the naked eye using standard templates, gauges and magnifying glass. If there are defects on the surface of the weld, there is a possibility of defects inside the weld.

  3. To knock the butt-weld elbow, if the sound is brittle and the echo is not very dirty, then the name butt-weld elbow is the latest choice, not the old elbow recycled.

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