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BW Reducing Elbow Pipe Fittings

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BW Reducing Elbow is a pipe fitting used to connect two pipes with different diameters for turning. Reducing elbow is a pipe component with a design centerline radius of curvature that differs from the inner diameter of straight pipes at both ends. This allows it to connect pipes of different sizes in the piping system and provide smooth fluid passages at pipe turns. It is a production technology that uses a standard elbow blank to cut into a V-shaped elbow, and then applies pressure. With the power of conventional or special stamping equipment, the elbow blank is directly subjected to deformation force and deformed in the mold, thereby obtaining a certain shape, size, and performance of product parts, gradually becoming circular under the pressure.


Difference between Reducing Elbow and Ordinary Elbow

Compared to ordinary elbows, the biggest advantage of reducing elbows is that they can smoothly connect pipes of different sizes and maintain flow performance. If you use a common elbow to connect two pipes of different sizes, it will cause significant resistance losses, resulting in reduced flow, and may even affect the performance of the entire pipeline system.

Advantages of Reducing Elbows

  • Connecting pipes of different sizes: Reducing elbows can smoothly connect pipes of different sizes, providing a non resistive fluid channel.

  • Reducing resistance loss: Compared to ordinary elbows, using reducers can reduce pipe resistance loss and make the flow more stable.

  • Uniform velocity and pressure distribution: The internal design of the reducing elbow is reasonable, making the distribution of liquid more uniform when passing through, reducing the generation of eddy currents.

  • Noise reduction: Because reducing elbows can make fluid flow smoother, the noise level in the pipeline system will also be reduced.

  • Easy maintenance and replacement: The reducer elbow is compact in design, convenient in installation, and easy to clean and replace. This can reduce the maintenance cost and frequency of the pipeline system.

How to Select Elbows

  1. First determine whether the controlled medium is oil or water. Consider which elbow fittings should be made of.

  2. Calculate the flow of the controlled medium m3/h. Select the elbow fitting diameter according to the controlled medium and its design flow rate.

  3. Elbow fittings are determined by valve body material, connection type ( valve structure type, temperature regulation range and installation type).

  4. Elbow fittings can be used for confluence or diversion control applications depending on the flow direction of the two port fluids.

  5. Elbow fittings should be fitted with a filter in front of the valve in order to prevent the impurities from jamming or blocking in the medium.

Precautions for Installation of BW Reducing Elbow

  1. Before installation of the elbow, the pipe joints shall be measured one by one and numbered. The group of pipe joints with the smallest diameter difference shall be selected for butt joint.

  2. Check the internal and external corrosion protection of the pipe joints before going down the pipe. After passing, you can go down the pipe. Electrodes used for pipe joint welding shall comply with the design and specifications.

  3. Clean the dirt inside the pipe and grind the edge of the pipe opening and both sides of the weld opening to expose the metallic gloss and make the groove. Welding elbows are smooth and free of cracks, pores, sand holes and other defects.

  4. When ambient temperature is lower than 0 C, asbestos must be used to cover it after welding. Remove slag after welding is completed. The pipe should be padded securely after its counterpart to avoid distortion during welding.

Dimensions of BW Reducing Elbow


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