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BSP Pipe Fittings

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What is BSP in pipe fittings?

BSP pipe fittings is one of the most popular and common used threaded fittings in the industries, there are two types that parallel (BSPP) and tapered (BSPT). They are available in dimensions that below 4 inch and provide reasonable solution for joining pipeline and equipment. Shanghai Zhcuheng supply tees, couplings, unions, bushing, cross, hex nipples, unions, elbows, caps and swage for many projects.

Threaded Elbow

It is installed in between the two lengths of tube or pipe that allow in changing the direction of a flow.

Threaded Tee

It has three holes that named as one inlet and two outlets or two inlets and one outlet. Tees are suitable for piping systems to transport two phase fluid mixtures.

Swage Nipple

It can be produced in concentric and eccentric types that ends are various in TOE, TBE, POE, BOE, BBE. It is used to change the diameter of the pipe.

Threaded Cross

It is utilized in the framework where put four pipes together, and designed for use in the high temperature service applications. It consists four female threads that used to connect pipes with male thread ends.


It is available in forms of hex head , flush and square. They are easy to add to these systems and make it easy to install and modify.

Threaded Coupling

It is a short piece of pipe with screw in NPT or BSP at both ends or one end, which is available in pressure rating of class 3000 and 6000.

Threaded Cap

It is screwed to the end of pipeline that has same function as plug. The difference is female and male thread. It is similar to the blind flange, but cannot be removed as blind flange.


There are 3 types of threaded plug that hex head, round head and square head. Pipe plugs are used as end caps for fractional pipes in many industries. These pipe plugs are used by inserting them into the end pipe to block the flow.

Threaded Union

It is used to connect external end threads of two pipes, which is similar to coupling and can be flexibly disassembled when it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Hex Nipple

Hex Nipple have hexagon shaped section in the middle and male thread on both ends to associate two other pipes or fittings.

BSP Pipe Fittings Speficication


1/8" - 4"/ DN6 - DN100


Class 2000, 3000, 6000

Specification ASTM A105, ASTM A182


ASME B16.11, BS3799, EN10241


Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel

British Standard Pipe Parallel (BSPP)

A British Standard Pipe Parallel is the straight equivalent of a BSPT thread. BSPP connections require a bonded seal ring, which is sandwiched in between the shoulder of the male fitting and the face (opening) of the female fitting.


  • · Thread conforms to ISO 228-1

  • · Port conforms to ISO 1179

  • · Pitch & diameter measured in inches e.g. G1/4-19

  • · Parallel threads require o-ring, crush washer, gasket or metal to metal seal between connections for pressure tight connection

  • · Thread angle is 55°

  • · Not interchangeable with SAE or NPT(F)

British Standard Pipe Tapered (BSPT)

A British Standard Pipe Taper is the standard design for most of the world’s tapered threads. The diameter is widest at the shoulder of the connection and narrows toward the tip. Threads are pitched at a 55 degree angle with rounded peaks and valleys.

  • · Thread conforms to ISO 7

  • · Pitch and diameter are measured in inches, e.g. R3/8-19

  • · Tapered thread profile seals by metal to metal interference fit, usually requires sealing compound for pressure tight connection

  • · Taper angle is 1° 47', the same as NPT(F)

  • · Thread angle is 55°

  • · Not interchangeable with NPT(F)

BSP Threads Dimensions

The size of 1/8",1/4",3/8",1/2",5/8",3/4",1,1".1/4",1.1/2",2",2.1/2",3" are commonly used for BSP Pipe Fittings.

BSP Threads Dimensions


  1. Quick installation.

  2. Leakage integrity is good.

  3. Installation is easy

  4. Less force is required for joining.

  5. larts can be detached.

  6. Economic as cheaper.

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